The Hype Lady behind the scenes... !! Nicole AKA The Hype Lady here, I am a wife, mother to two fearless littles ones, SWFL Realtor + Leader, co-founder of LLMG, and lover of all things HOME, HUSTLE + HEART 


What does that even mean you may ask, well... it encompasses all that this HYPE LADY does in a day. From managing my busy household, leading my team to make it happen for our Real Estate customers to supporting my husband as he showcases all the beautiful listings in Naples fl with his luxury list media group lens! 

HOME: Bring the HYPE to your property exposure with LLMG and our proven marketing strategies. We bring attention to not only just your listings but also your business with cutting-edge modern videography! 

HUSTLE: The Hype Lady AKA Nicole Black REALTOR spending my days making it happen for my customers and my leading my ROCKSTAR team of agents to grow their businesses and blow their social media up like a BOSS! 

HEART: It should come as no surprise this natural-born cheerleader LOVES to share. From the mom-life to my grief journey, wellness practices to brands I can't live without! Sharing is certainly caring! Be on the lookout for the TRASH WAGON talks podcast launching summer 2021!

-xoxo Nicole