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Is this for you??

Are you ready to take your BUSINESS to the NEXT LEVEL?  

Do you need a solid business plan and vision??

Have you been feeling like your status quo?

Do you need more eyeballs on your business + to find new customers?

 does this sound like you? 

Then HYPE LADY coaching is for you! It should go without saying that all our programs are completely customized to your needs but just in case you didn't know that... now ya know. ;) 

Your BUSINESS will be just as unique as you which means there really is no way to create a one size fits all program. Thankfully, this Hype Lady is not a one-size-fits-all coach... UNIQUE coaching is what she's all about! 

How does it work??

Coaching is a 4 step program!  The Hype Lady coaching program is 100% tailored to YOU and your BUSINESS. We use our signature framework to create your custom program and truly become your partner in the journey to making your dreams HAPPEN! 


We will work through where you are, where you want to be, and how we will MAKE IT HAPPEN

Step TWO:  The PLAN

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail... Once we know where you want to be, we can reverse engineer a BUSINESS plan to define what actionable items we need in order to achieve it! The Hype Lady will use this plan and reference it each coaching session to ensure, it's not just words on a paper but actually, the highway to your MADE IT HAPPEN outcome! 


You may be thinking what is a Brand + Story? Well, it's the story of your BUSINESS is how we use attraction marketing to build brand awareness, trust, and loyalty. It's like writing the book of your brand and then sending it to publishing to reach the entire world. Sharing real-world examples of how you solved your customer's problems not just sold them a service or product. TOGETHER we will craft this riveting story and a visual to match! Your story will come out in not only your words but also your visuals like content and branding assets like your logo!! 


Ok, this is one of the most fun steps... Where we take everything we have worked on and implement, process, and analyze! We work through your marketing strategy from your website and emails to your social media platforms and ad campaigns! This is the stage where you go from a user online to an advertising, social media influencing NINJA!!!!! 

Ok, Im in... now what? 

LET'S DO THIS!!!  All you have to do now is SIGN UP! Choose the program below that best fits your schedule and budget and LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN for YOU and your BUSINESS!!! 

• Bi-Weekly 30 minute COACHING CALLS with the Hype Lady
• Create your LIFE + BUSINESS ROADMAP to success
• Build the Brand Story narrative to match 
• Accountability + Support



MAKE IT Happen

• WEEKLY 1 Hour COACHING CALLS with the Hype Lady

• Includes Get HYPED pkg 

+ Create the DIGITAL Strategies to GROW brand awareness, loyalty, + SALES!

- Social Media Marketing GROWTH and features included!!! 

Still on the fence??

That's ok!!!  If you are still nervous to take the leap for yourself and your dreams I have one last option for you... a THINK TANK session. This is a one-time, one-hour zoom call with the HYPE LADY herself to give you a general idea of what she would have in store for your coaching program. Ultimately at the end of the day, the distance between you and where you want to be is action. Some will take BIG action and others small... both are ACTION. Small action is far better than no action at all! Dip your pinky toe in the water and book your THINK TANK now, I promise you, you will thank your future self for this move! 


Think TANK

• One Hour Session
• Brainstorm and Strategize
• Audit Practices
• Brand Concept
• Specific Hype Lady Resources

On the Gram...

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